Shawn London

Lille Østergade 3.B

7500 - Holstebro



Customer service is open every weekday from kl. 14-16

You can always contact us by mail kontakt@shawnlondon.dk - response time of 1-3 business days


Do you know the reason for Shawn London's success? Read on below.

Tanned connoisseurs of our brand know it might already, but with Shawn London publisher we are not seasonal collections, but launches instead new items every other day. We are confident that many good gifts to benefit more than great! When new products are launched, they will be shown up on our social media and newsletters. Many of our products will be launched as limited editions, meaning that they are only available for a certain number. As soon as the last of such a style has left our warehouse, it never comes back in stock. This helps to ensure that you do not meet someone in the street with the same dress. Limited editions does not price hikes, and therefore will not be more expensive than our other products.

On our website, it will be specified which of our items are limited edition. So when you fall in love with one of these, we always recommend that you act quickly, since it is not possible for us to obtain more. Perhaps it away the next time you look?

When you order products from our site, they will arrive in one of our specially designed boxes, which says that we care about the small details. We want to create more value for our customers, and give you a good experience when in shopping online.

We change continually boxes out, so you will not always receive the same. Our customers have on several occasions sent us pictures where they stored our boxes collectible. You are too cool!