Shawn London was started back in 2015 in a room by two young boys. They were particularly deeply fascinated by the big city of London and their fashion world, which also results in the name Shawn London. The philosophy behind it has always been to plan which way to go and which target group to try to follow.

They would create a single brand, but at the same time very unique, which combine printed products and their very own stylistic touch in the form of their logo embroidered on the left side of the chest. Customers of our brand may already know this, but at Shawn London we do not publish seasonal collections, but instead launch new items every other day.

We are convinced that many good gifts benefit more than a few great ones! When new products are launched, they will be featured on our social media and newsletters. Many of our products will be launched as limited editions, which means that they are only available in a certain number. As soon as the last of such a style has left our warehouse, it will never be in stock again.

This helps to ensure that you do not meet someone in the street with the same product. On our website it will be specified which of our items are limited edition. So when you fall in love with one of these, we would always recommend that you act quickly as it is not possible for us to procure more. Maybe it's gone next time you look?

When you order items from our website, they will arrive in one of our specially designed boxes, which tells us that we make the small details. We want to create more value for our customers, and give you a good experience when you shop online. We change the boxes regularly, so you will not always receive the same. Our customers have on several occasions sent us pictures where they have stored our boxes as collectibles. You are too cool!