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If you should be so unfortunate that there is an error or the like. on one of our products, you always have a 2 year warranty. After this we will not be accountable. This means that within two years will be able to get the product repaired or replaced, have the price reduced, or get your money back if the error can not be corrected.

You should always be able to prove the fault of the product with images and a thorough detailed description of the error, so we can handle the complaint in the best way.

If the damage is self-inflicted or if the error is caused by erroneous use of the product or other injurious behavior, the warranty does not cover.


Send pictures and detailed description to our mail:


If you have further questions about the procedure, you can always call our customer service:

Phone: 31 10 24 30


Open weekdays from 14 to 16.



When you shop with us, we protect your personal information. We continuously update the content of our policy for how your personal information is used. We are responsible for all personal information such as name, address and mail that you provide to us or that we will obtain when you shop with us. Information is stored by us and we obviously take the responsibility for its proprietary information.

When you provide your personal information to us, you acknowledge that we may use the information collected to fulfill our obligations to you and offer you the service you expect. We also need information to get in touch with you if problems arise when we have to deliver your goods.

You have the right to contact us and find out what personal information we hold. If the information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can ask to have them changed or deleted. You may at any time revoke your consent to us using your details for marketing purposes. We disseminate, sell or exchange never share your information with third parties for marketing purposes outside of Shawn London. Information to be disclosed to third parties, only to meet our obligations to you.



As you have discovered, all orders from Shawn London sent out in our specially designed boxes with a return form at the bottom of each box. This return form must be completed if you wish to return the products to us - The product should be neatly back when it should be sent back.


Fill in your order number: Where can I find it gone?

Since you ordered the goods from us, you received an order confirmation, and you will find your order number at the top of this mail - order number is a five-digit number. This figure should just write on your return form if you want to send something back to us.


Name of product: Where can I find it gone?

All Shawn London-products have different names. Boy Names master page and girl names girl since. You will find the name of your product in the same order confirmation as mentioned above. Here you just type the name of the product you have ordered.


Exchanged for a different size / other commodity: How do I do it?

At this point you just need to fill out if you want to exchange for a different size or to a different product on the website

If you want to exchange for a different size, just type in the box the size you want to swap to.

If however you wish to exchange your received item to a different product on the website, you fill out a boy name or maiden name of the item you want to swap to. - Unfortunately it is not possible to switch to a product that is more expensive than the product purchased in advance. You can find all the names on the website under each product.


The money return: What should I do here?

Here you just tick the box if you wish to receive your money back for the products you received from us. Your money will be transferred to the same card that you used on our website.


Put this label on the package: How?

Our address is already on the bill, you really just need to put on the box, but it is not paid.


How can I ensure that my package arrives to you?

Use our flyer in the box, and if you do not hear from within 14 days, then you should contact us.


Can I return my package physical with you?

All returns must be sent back to us, and you can not come over and hand them physically with us.


Why can not I get my money back or exchange for another size?

Once we receive your return package, we check that it meets our requirements, and if it does not, it will not be possible to exchange your goods.


We will not be able to exchange your product or refund the money if:

- Hang tag is taken or destroyed

- The product has been washed in the meantime.

- The product is damaged.

- The product has been in contact with the perfume, make-up, smoke or animals.

If the above is not satisfied, return not possible.


Our delivery time is 1-5 days depending on the transport company, which we use to send all our orders. If you order before noon. 13:00 Monday-Thursday, we strive for your package reaches you everyday after.

If the order is under 75 € you must pay for the freight.

If the order is over 75 €, free delivery.

Return of goods is at buyer's expense.


Our shipping rates

5 € DKK for delivery to you.


Every time we send packages out, there is always the chance that your order is damaged, and here the responsibility lies with us. We replace course package if something happens to it during delivery. You just need to inform us as soon as you have received the package.

Remember to have documents ready so we can forward it to transport company.

Be aware that if there are more than 14 days after we hear from you about a damaged package, the responsibility entrusted to you.


You can always cancel your purchase, even if you try our products.

We offer a 14 day return, valid from the day you receive the goods. If you regret your purchase, then that we have received your package within 14 days. You are obliged to return the goods in the same condition and packaging as received. The goods must always be returned to us in properly packaging.

Once we have received the product and verified that it meets the rules for return, the amount will be transferred to the card you paid with. It’s for safety reasons not possible to provide another card that money to be transferred.