If you should be so unfortunate that there is an error or the like. on one of our products, you always have a 2 year warranty. After this we will not be accountable. This means that within two years will be able to get the product repaired or replaced, have the price reduced, or get your money back if the error can not be corrected.

You should always be able to prove the fault of the product with images and a thorough detailed description of the error, so we can handle the complaint in the best way.

If the damage is self-inflicted or if the error is caused by erroneous use of the product or other injurious behavior, the warranty does not cover.


Send pictures and detailed description to our mail:


If you have further questions about the procedure, you can always call our customer service:

Phone: 31 10 24 30


Open weekdays from 14 to 16.


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